Who I work with

I work with those who identify as introverts or highly sensitive people (HSPs), and also with those who better want to understand the quieter ones in their places of work or home lives. As an introverted and highly sensitive man, I am an advocate for such men for feel a struggle living with their personality type, and are looking for strategies to be in the world without dumbing down who they are.



  • Your first session (about 40 minutes) is free, for you to get to know me and ask any questions that you might have, and for me to get to know you and to better understand what you are looking for.
  • From there on, I charge $80 for an hour long session.
  • I work in person, in my office or a place that works for you (I’m happy to walk and talk), over the phone or via Zoom.

Setting up an appointment

  • If you are interested in coaching and have some questions, please head over to the Contact page for instructions on how to reach me.

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